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What Every Woman Wants in a Man – What’s Attractive and What Isn’t

Okay, so we (women) are all different, but generally speaking, it turns out there are some specific things that woman really want and things that women really DON’T want when it comes to relationships and qualities in a man.

what women want in men

What do women really want in a men?

I have gotten a lot of requests lately to speak to the men out there on behalf of women who really want the men in their lives to step it up, or at least try to get to know them on a deeper level – as well giving men in general an idea of what it is that women need.

It’s true, I write a lot about what men need from women in a relationship, or what men want in a woman, but I have yet to cater to you men out there who need a little advice.

Whether you want to make your woman feel like she is your world, or even have knowledge of what she wants before you get to know her or even meet her, then this article is for you.

I know that a lot of you men already KNOW that the woman in your life is your world, but have a hard time expressing it. That’s okay! That’s what we are about to talk about.

Women can be hard to read, but it’s really not rocket science! We aren’t some alien from outer space that speaks a different language than you. We are human, and basically our needs are very similar to yours. And just an FYI, more macho doesn’t translate to more desirable. At least not for most of us.

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What makes a man attractive to a woman – checklist

what women want in men

Women want a man who…

  • Is understanding of her feelings and emotions.
  • Is communicative and transparent about himself, his feelings, and yes…emotions.
  • Has incentive to grow personally and spiritually.
  • Pursues her, instead of keeps making her guess.
  • Communicative about what he needs in a healthy way. Check out 7 Things to Never Say to Your Spouse.
  • Is present and engaging in conversation.
  • Desires to spend quality time together.
  • Sets up dates and keeps romance alive.
  • Caters to whatever love language speaks to her.
  • Respectful and loving in an argument or discussion.
  • Is respectful of her opinions, even if they aren’t his own.
  • Is willing to compromise and do things that she wants to do.
  • A kept physical appearance – this is very relative to the woman.
  • Has his priorities straight.
  • Has only eyes for her.
  • Is gentle and caring about her needs.
  • Takes the time to get to know her and asks meaningful questions.
  • Pays attention to the little things.
  • Is kind, gentle, patient, courageous, authentic, passionate, and intelligent.
  • Is of moral character.
  • Has a good sense of humor.
  • Is forgiving and takes responsibility for his actions.
  • Has humility, integrity, and a generous spirit.
  • Helps out with the kids if you have any, and plays a key role in their lives.
  • Takes on struggle with a good attitude, realizing it’s part of life.
  • Treats intimacy as a mutual bond, and not a selfish satisfaction.
  • As you can see, outward appearance is not at the top of our list. Also, the size of car, how much money you make, etc. is not even making it to the list. Sure it would be nice if a man was employed, and depending on the woman, how much money a man makes can be of importance, but it’s not a make or break scenario, at least for most of us.

What makes a man UNATTRACTIVE to women

what makes a man unattractive

Women DON’T want a man who…

  • Is not open and honest.
  • Has addiction problems.
  • Is more into material things than her.
  • Has a hobby that takes over his life.
  • Doesn’t listen or even try to understand her difference of opinion.
  • Doesn’t commit.
  • Isn’t attentive to her needs and desires.
  • Thinks that the more macho he is, the better.
  • Who is rude to others or her friends.
  • Isn’t willing to make her friends his friends.
  • Takes advantage of her.
  • Is rude in public.
  • Put his friends before her.
  • Doesn’t make time for her.

So, now you know. I realize it seems like a lot, but coming down to it, if you truly love her, it will come easy. We also know that men can’t be perfect. As these are the traits we look for in a man, we also know that you are human, and not some kind of perfect super hero.

But if you pay close attention to her and her needs, you can very easily become her hero. Not that a woman needs saving from her singleness or anything, but a woman will wait and not compromise.

Also, if you want to make the woman you currently have a happy woman, then these lists will help you have a bit more awareness into her desires.

Back when I was dating, I found a lot of men to be very passive. They played the hard to get card, when that’s probably the worst thing you could do, unless the kind of girl you’re looking for is desperate.

what women want in men in a relationship

Women are all different

All that to say, women, yet very similar to one another, as also very different. What one woman likes, another doesn’t. This is why it is VERY important, and probably the NUMBER ONE THING to do is to get to know her. When a woman feels like you desire to know every nook and cranny of her mind, you will unlock something beautiful.

If you could care less about her desires and needs, then you can basically throw in the towel. If you’re genuinely wanting to pursue her, or if you already have her, then start to look deep inside.

Acquiring these traits will most definitely take some hard work. And if you’ve found the right woman, she will also be growing personally and trying to meet your needs as well. It’s a two way street.

Coming to an end, I have one question for you men out there.

What do you find is the biggest roadblock in having a relationship or pursuing a relationship? Also, what is it about women you don’t understand?

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