About Hillary and Word From the Bird Blog

Welcome to my marriage, parenting, and lifestyle blog!

My name is Hillary and I started this blog to offer hope to couples and parents who are struggling to have the marriage and be the parents they’ve always envisioned in their minds.

I believe the start of a healthy family begins with YOU, the individual. From there, you can experience a healthy marriage and be a joyful parent — the one your kids deserve. A family that is functioning from a firm foundation keeps on giving, extending out to the world, and making our society a better place.

As a parenting educator and coach, it’s my desire to help you set achievable goals, envision the family you desire, and give you the resources, tools, and roadmap to get there. Please check out my coaching services and schedule a FREE 30-minute parenting discovery session!

Why have a parenting coach?

The world is changing. So much. And with that, parenting is changing. It has to. With every new generation comes a need to adjust and tweak things that aren’t working, while also educating oneself on the realities children will face in our culture that you never had to, especially when it comes to technology.
Parents are feeling helpless, overwhelmed, ill-equipped, and lost. 
On top of it, they are navigating it all amidst a global crisis; it’s no wonder they feel incapable of actually enjoying being a parent. 

What I’m all about and how I can help YOU.

As a parenting coach, educator, and content creator, as well as a parent of 2 kids, I recognize that parenting is quite possibly the most challenging thing one could ever do in life. But it’s also the most rewarding, especially when the family is functioning healthily. 

You might be wondering what kind of parenting style or technique I teach. And that’s a very good question. As I’m very aware of the MANY parenting styles out there, I like to steer clear of putting a label on my strategies, as I believe every family, child, and parent is different. What might work for one family, doesn’t work for the next. So here’s a summary of what you can expect with my coaching if you decide to move forward with me after the discovery session.

The problem with modern parenting. 

Modern parenting has mostly evolved to two extremes or some variation in between.

Either parents have a hands-off approach, allowing their children to make all the decisions, with no boundaries, discipline, or guidelines to help their children thrive emotionally, mentally, or physically. This results in children who aren’t considerate or empathetic towards others, feel as though they can do no wrong and are incapable of self-regulation, are disrespectful, and don’t take responsibility for their actions. Left to their own devices, they struggle to make wise choices because they aren’t taught helpful solutions from their God-given authority figure. They often struggle to make friends, are unaware of healthy social skills, and have no understanding of owning their mistakes.

The other extreme is holding your children to unrealistic standards, enforcing extreme boundaries, and expecting perfection and obedience without any questions asked. This results in children who either become good performers that can’t wait to leave the nest so they can be who they are and do what they want or anxious individuals whose sole purpose in life is to earn their parent’s approval. Then there is that one child who will downright reject it all and walk down a slippery slope of rebellion. Their hearts and how they feel often get overlooked, feeling incapable of being transparent with their parents about their mistakes for fear of being punished or judged. Children who are brought up in this environment are prone to insecurity, anxiety, mental health issues, feelings of loneliness, and like they will never live up to who their parents want them to be.

The Joyful Parent

I have written a parenting plan called “The Joyful Parent” that will walk you through a series of steps that I hope will give you a brand new perspective on parenting, and address the heart of the matter. It includes practical and everyday parenting tips when it comes to setting boundaries, discipline, and common parenting struggles, but also digs deeper and gets to the source of your pain points, not just the symptoms.

After our sessions are complete, you will walk out a joyful parent, ready to face the challenges that will come in the future. Because if we’re all honest, parenting doesn’t get easier as your kid’s age. But I will teach you how to deepen your connection with your child, so whatever comes your way, your relationship will have a strong foundation built on mutual respect, trust, and unconditional love.

Here is a quick look at what we cover.

Step 1 – Assessing the present, envisioning the future, and identifying the past. 
Step 2 – Determining the source of your most prominent parenting struggles.
Step 3 – Understanding your purpose.
Step 4 – The purpose of discipline and enforcing boundaries.
Step 5 – Living out your faith.

There will be helpful resources, book and article suggestions, printables I sell on my blog, all included in the package.

It should be said that I am a Christian, and therefore, offer advice based on my faith. If you do not wish to discuss anything in regards to faith or God, please let me know and I will respect that, no questions asked!

If you are a Christian, please note that it’s my privilege to include in my coaching how you can raise your kids to live out their faith without pushing them away. I believe that parents have an incredible responsibility to prepare their kids for the world by nurturing their faith and implementing God into daily life.

I also specialize in educating parents on how to teach their kids how to have a healthy relationship with technology. I know this is a prevalent issue for many families. 

I welcome parents with kids of all ages!

I desire to help you see that your parental presence and intentionality are highly needed in your child’s life —  to learn how to meet your kids where they’re at and foster a relationship that thrives, even through the difficult teenage years. 
Your child will be influenced by something. Let it be you and not their peers. Let it be you and not what they experience on social media, the internet, or video games. To be the stronger influence, it takes work, and truly getting to KNOW your child and what makes them tick. 
The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared a national state of emergency in child and adolescent mental health and I would love to continue to be a part of helping parents navigate how to provide stability and safety in their home, but on a more personalized level, according got your needs.

The health of our society begins in the home — healthy families bring about healthy individuals. 

Please note that coaching is not a replacement for therapy, but is all about setting attainable goals for yourself and your family, where I will provide you the tools, resources, and roadmap on how to get there.  
It’s my desire to help you envision the kind of parent you want to be, the family life you desire to have, and help you get there. 
I would encourage that if possible, both parents be present, but it’s not required! 
I can’t wait to partner with you in helping your children thrive, even in this chaotic and confusing world. 


Word From The Bird was established in 2018 by Hillary Gruener and has since been dedicated to providing inspirational content, especially for parents who want to learn how to be more intentional with their kids. We also speak to those who desire a deeper relationship with their spouse and persevere through the challenging seasons that marriage often brings.

We now have multiple writers who contribute to our content who can provide a wider range of experiences that pertain to family life.

Hillary and her husband Christoph met in 2008 at a Bible school in Austria called Tauernhof—one and a half years later, they were married. They now reside in Southwest Florida with their two children, a dog, a cat, and two bunnies.

Their story is combined with struggle, adventure, loss, and a whole lot of love.

Adventuring is one of her favorite things to do with her family, whether that’s camping, hiking, gardening, traveling, being on the pontoon, or just sitting at home watching movies and playing games.