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Hey! I’m Hillary, a parenting educator and coach.

Welcome to my parenting, marriage, and personal growth blog! Here you will find encouraging and helpful information for you and your family to thrive emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Being a mom to two incredible boys has definitely come with some challenges. But it has taught me SO much about the parenting world. Unfortunately, as my kids grew older, I often came up empty-handed when looking for various parenting advice. All the techniques out there were missing some vital aspects — connection, intentionality, and heart work — not simply correcting misbehavior.

I truly believe that a parent’s best asset is spending more time getting to know their kids on a deeper level, unraveling what makes their child tick and what love languages they resonate with. With this mindset, I have created a space to educate parents on the importance of emotional connection, digital wellness, and the power of listening.

Oftentimes, our child’s chronic misbehavior is a symptom of a much deeper issue. So with that, I encourage parents to look within and make sure their child’s behavior isn’t a result of something they need to change in their parenting.

From everyday toddler tantrums to better understanding healthy discipline, it’s my privilege to partner with parents to raise healthy individuals through gentle and conscious parenting techniques.

Along with that, nurturing your personal growth and marriage will ultimately bring life to your parenting, cultivating a life-giving, joyful, and purposeful home.