About Word From the Bird Blog

Welcome to our marriage, parenting, and lifestyle blog!

Our desire is to bring families to a place of contentment with their lives, not to gloat and prove to you that we have it all together or that you should be like us. We don’t and you shouldn’t.

From our humanity, grit, and personal experiences, we will always point you to the one thing we know gives hope in this crazy life — Jesus.

We all know that difficult circumstances sometimes don’t change, but we can learn to experience joy, even amidst the pain and suffering that accompanies each and every one of us. It is with contentment that one is able to experience freedom. When we aren’t hindered by our perceptions, we can joyfully accept our circumstances.

We draw our advice from scripture, believing it to be God’s diary, our absolute truth and authority for our lives.

About Us

Word From The Bird was established in 2018 by Hillary Gruener and has since been dedicated to providing inspirational content, especially for parents who want to learn how to be more intentional with their kids. We also speak to those who desire a deeper relationship with their spouse and persevere through the challenging seasons that marriage often brings.

We now have multiple writers who contribute to our content who can provide a wider range of experiences that pertain to family life.

About Hillary

Hillary and her husband Christoph met in 2008 at a Bible school in Austria called Tauernhof—one and a half years later, they were married.

Their story is combined with struggle, adventure, loss, and a whole lot of love.

Adventuring is one of her favorite things to do with her family, whether that’s camping, hiking, traveling, being on the pontoon, or just sitting at home watching movies and playing games. She also loves to travel with her family around the states in a self-built camper that she and her spouse built.