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You're raising

critical thinkers, problem Solvers,
Brave Souls, and Grateful hearts.
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The New Coloring Book
Journal is here!

coloring book journal for kids

MY LIFE Coloring & Journal Book!

for kids ages 4-8

Parenting Guides


The mindset, strategy, and tools you need to set healthy boundaries, guide with confidence, and establish positive and peaceful communication in your home.

We also have

Kid's Printable Journals!

Let your children learn more about themselves, grow in their faith, and process their feelings with these integrative journals. Print unlimited pages right from the comfort of your own home!

what sets us apart

We teach parents how to shift their mindset from what modern-day culture says parenting is to absorb God’s design for their family.

Learn to better understand how your child’s heart and mind function and unravel what God has to say about your role as a parent. Your family can experience joy and peace as you raise critical thinkers, brave souls, grateful hearts, and problem solvers.

Come join the community where thousands of families are experiencing a newfound love of parenting. 

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