Never Let Me Go – 10 Day Marriage Revival Kit for Couples


Prepare for your marriage to go to new heights with this in-depth, creative, and inspirational revival kit written by Hillary Gruener, author and creator of popular relationship blog, Word From The Bird.

Hillary and her husband Christoph have been married for over fifteen years, but it hasn’t always been roses.

Hillary draws from the idea that if you can implement certain elements into your marriage, it will not only revive it from when you were once in love, but make it better. It’s with commitment and choosing to love your partner, that all of the other beautiful characteristics of love will flow abundantly.

God is for you and your marriage. He wants you to succeed—and it’s with His help, as well as changing the way you’re currently functioning in your marriage, that you can.

Designed as an easy and interactive printable, (as well as downloadable PDF) included in your purchase, is a variety of encouraging and applicable quotes, goals, verses, and worksheets that are easily printed out for your pleasure or viewable on your smart phone. Either frame and hang them on your wall, open up on your smart phone, or keep tucked away in your journal to refer back to—this printable is something that can you can always keep as a handy tool for your marriage.

“Perhaps you aren’t happy because you aren’t content. Instead of searching for happiness, search for contentment—it might just make you happy.”