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5 Unique Advent Calendar Ideas

Best Advent Calendars on Amazon in 2019

What is an Advent Calendar used for?

Growing up in Germany, there was this one Advent tradition that I still remember very fondly to this day.

The Advent Calendar.

It’s a calendar for the season right before Christmas called Advent.

Historically, Advent was seen as a way to prepare ourselves for the arrival of Jesus. Now, one can certainly argue if Jesus was born in December or not. But the point is not that we celebrate Christmas because we believe that He was born in December — we celebrate it because He was born.

In that context, growing up, Advent was a way for us to focus our attention on the events to come. Look at what’s actually important and focus on eternal rather than material things.

The idea with the calendar is to gather a little collection of boxes or satchels of some sort. Sometimes bought, sometimes crafted. Each box represents one day in December, all the way to Christmas Eve.

Inside each box, there is usually some candy or a piece of chocolate. Sometimes a small toy. And every morning, right when you wake up, you get to open another box. All the way from December 1st to Christmas Eve.

It doesn’t only have to be a candy, though. What about a bible verse for some days along with the sweets? Or how about a question for the kids to answer, like,

“What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?”


“Do you know the true meaning of Christmas?”

This season is probably one of the busiest seasons we have all year. So why not use the Advent Calendar in your family to create some sweet memories for you and your loved ones. Help them slow down and focus on what’s really important.

By the way, in Germany, even today, it is not uncommon to give an Advent calendar to someone you love, even if they’re adults. Could you think of someone who would like to receive one from you? How could you make those daily surprises unique for them?

If you’re not the crafty type or if you just don’t have the time to make one yourself, we have a few calendars we thought are pretty special, especially if you reuse them in the years to come!

Here is our collection of some of the coolest Calendar’s we could find on Amazon.

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Unfinished Advent Calendar – Ready to Decorate

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