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Our Moments Card Game Review

An incredible game that evokes emotional bonding with families and helps your child navigate their feelings. Here is our experience with Our Moments Card games, and why we LOVE them.

family eating dinner and talking

Our Moments Kids and Family Card Game Edition

Dinner time can be an incredible way for families to emotionally connect and bond through conversation, time together, and simply eating food with one another.

In fact, I mention having one meal per day together as one of the habits of maintaining a healthy family in this blog post.

But dinner time can also have us parents racking our brains as to what we can ask our kids that won’t result in a one-word answer.

I recently bought some napkins that have cute little conversation starters on them, like, “What about your day made waves?” or “Share your best joke.” “What did you do to change the world today?”

My son, who’s 8yo, would sit down for dinner and quickly grab one so that he could ask and answer the questions. He LOVED it.

So I thought to myself, I wonder if there’s an actual game for that?

Low and behold, I asked google and found THIS — a fantastic card game for families, kids, and couples.

our moments card game review

Examples of Our Moments Questions

Not only are the questions thought-provoking, but also emotionally bonding.

There are lighthearted questions like, “If you were a superhero, who would you be?” And questions that also go a bit deeper, like, “If we had a special day together, what would you want to do?”

Or “Do you feel like you can talk to me about anything?”

Often when we ask these questions without the filter of “playing a game,” they can feel intimidating and awkward. But when asked in the environment of playing a card game as a family, it’s different.

Having a son, it’s already challenging to get him to communicate his feelings. But when playing this game, he opens up about SO much.

We make sure that when we play it, we are in our “safe zone.”

That means no phones, no judgment, and no consequences.

Whatever is said in the safe zone, stays in the safe zone.

It’s an incredible way to get to know your children on a deeper level and connect emotionally, whether you have pre-teens, teens, or kids ages six and up.

If you’re looking for a great way to emotionally bond with your family and get your kids talking, then check it out.

Our Moments for Couples

Our Moments also has a game for couples.

In this post, I mention the importance of nurturing your marriage as the number one priority in maintaining a healthy family.

Putting your spouse before your kids isn’t a bad thing, but rather essential for being a good parent.

If you’re continuously arguing with your spouse, how can you be attentive to your child’s needs? If your marriage isn’t in a good place, how can you be in a good place?

So if you’re also looking for a way to emotionally and intimately connect with your spouse in a unique way, check out Our Moments Couples — on sale now.

Having an emotionally healthy family starts with connecting through communication and intentionality. What better way to do this than through this fun card game for families, kids, couples, and generations?

Buy yours today and start bonding!