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12 Best Parenting Podcast Episodes for Struggling Parents

Are you looking for some inspiring parenting podcasts full of Biblical truth to help guide you on the life mess that parenting often brings? Whether you’re in the car or on a run, it’s always beneficial to get fed content with depth when it comes to motherhood and fatherhood — these podcast episodes will surely do that. 

From some of my favorite teachers, pastors, and their guests, here are a few topics worth listening to with encouragement to help you parent in today’s culture and turn your gaze towards Jesus as the only hope we have to parent with purpose and intentionality in this dark world. 

Parenting is a challenge, especially in 2023, but thanks to a God who gives us everything we need, we can gain wisdom and insight by simply asking Him and abiding in His Spirit as He guides us in discipling our children.

Family Discipleship – Ebook Now Available

Raising your kids to follow Jesus without feeling like you’re forcing them is challenging. This often leads us to send our kids to Sunday school or youth group, hoping this will be sufficient.

But we need to realize that God has given us a profound role that exceeds simply providing for our children and making sure they get a good education – to disciple them in a way that will lead to genuine Christ-followers, not Sunday Christian performers.

As people of the Christian faith, we are to be ambassadors of His message, not controllers or puppeteers of our children’s hearts. This can only be done when we, the parents, are modeling for our kids what it means to genuinely and wholeheartedly follow Christ.

My husband and I have learned a lot in our parenting journey. We continually discover what works and what doesn’t because of our upbringing and look to God’s Word to educate and the Holy Spirit to guide us.

As we continue our journey, we self-reflect daily, knowing we are just as in need of God’s grace as our children. With a posture of humility, we desire to model for them how to live in freedom because of the gospel.

And while we are far from perfect, we have SO enjoyed walking alongside our son through his spiritual journey. It’s our privilege.

That’s my desire for you as you read this book.

I pray that your heart will be in tune with the Holy Spirit as you disciple your kids and you find joy in the process. I pray that my words can be used in your life to point your family to Christ.

What better time to raise disciples than right now; to help your kids find joy in their faith and prepare them to reflect Christ in a dark world.

Most of the advice in this book is inspired by Jesus’ interactions with His disciples. We can learn SO much about parenting from the Bible.

I hope you’ll enjoy my take on it!

Now, onto the podcasts! I hope these episodes will be an inspiration to your parenting journey. Whether you have a toddler, teenager, or adult children, these episodes will be a guiding light in this uncertain world.

When we get off track in our parenting, we usually resort to unhealthy discipline ingited by tension and yelling, bribing and manipulation that causes division in the family, anxiety, depression. Don’t let these common parenting mistakes creep into the fabric of your family.

Top Christian Podcasts With Biblical Truths on Raising Confident Christian Kids

1. Mama Bear Apologetics – Questions to Ask Your Child’s School

Mama Bear Board member Teasi Cannon joins Amy to talk about questions parents should ask their kids’ school, particularly in private schools and homeschooling co-ops.

Main Points Covered:

Why parents should ask schools questions

  • Question 1: Are teachers trained theologically?
  • Question 2: Do they teach from a Christian worldview and teaching what a worldview is?
  • Question 3: How does the administration handle secondary doctrines?
  • Question 4: How does the school handle the age of the earth?
  • Question 5: Has Christian history been whitewashed or are errors acknowledged?
  • Question 6: What does the school do to keep the gospel from becoming white noise?

2. The Proverbs 31 Ministries – Feeling like a Failure as a Mom (For Christian Moms)

As moms, we bear a lot of weight.
There are so many different voices telling us what to do and how to parent, and it’s easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to every other mom around us.
Our desire to get it right is a good thing. Bad moms don’t worry about whether or not they are bad moms. Good moms do that. But we don’t have to constantly beat ourselves up when we feel like we fall short. Our friend, author and Licensed Counselor Rachael Elmore joins us on this episode to remind us of what is true for us as moms: Even in our mistakes, God is in control.

3. Dad Tired – You Can’t Change Your Child’s Heart

Today, host Jerrad Lopes sits down with Paul David Tripp to talk about what it looks like to parent your child’s heart, not just their behavior.

4. Dad Tired – How Should You Pray With Your Kids? 

Join host Jerrad Lopes as he teaches how Jesus prayed and what it means for us as dads when trying to pray with our kids.

5. Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast -Serving Your Kids Like Jesus

In church, we tend to say, “serve your kids like Christ would.” But what exactly does that look like? Jim Daly chats with Courtney Ellis on how she’s learned to love her kids in a more God-honoring way, even when it’s difficult. John and Danny also address how you can let go of fears as a parent.

6. Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast -Internal Battles Moms and Dads Deal With

Parenting is a demanding job, and it’s easy to feel exhausted sometimes. Danny tells John about some of the emotions he struggled with as a father. You’ll also hear Jim Daly speak with Courtney Ellis about some of the things she wrestled with when her kids were little.

7. Flat Irons Community Church Podcast – Piece by Piece – The Pieces of Parenting

If all things belong to Jesus then so do our children.

8. Courageous Parenting – Don’t Apologize for Your Parenting Standards

This is a raw episode that will encourage you to protect and equip your family despite pushback! Parenting takes more intentionality than the previous few generations, especially with the seismic culture shifts increasingly against Christianity in the last few years. We have to get good at standing firm in a loving way even in Christian circles, this episode will help you do so. All show notes, scripture references, and resources mentioned are found at

9. Flat Irons Community Church Podcast – PB&J – Fatherhood

A lot of us have different experiences with this thing called fatherhood. With fatherlessness being an epidemic in our culture the question becomes, does the quality of our relationship with our father have any lasting or significant impact on our lives?

10. Paul David Tripp – I Hate Parenting (Pt 1)

Today, Paul is going to address three common concerns that parents have with parenting sinful children in a fallen world.

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11. Paul David Tripp – I Hate Parenting (Pt 2)

On Monday, we released an episode featuring three segments from Paul’s series “I Hate Parenting” and today, we’ll hear the rest of them.

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12. Jack Hibbs Podcast – Joining the Fight

Pastor Jack sits down with author, podcaster, and speaker Heidi St. John to discuss how to fight for your children, their education, and your community. Find your courage and passion to go against the current culture and do the right thing by making an impact with your faith. You won’t want to miss this exciting and uplifting discussion by these two warriors in the faith.

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