A comprehensive guide on teaching your kids how to genuinely follow Christ without pushing them away.


It’s challenging to raise your kids to follow Jesus without feeling like you’re forcing them. This often leads us to send our kids to Sunday school or youth group, hoping this will be sufficient enough.

But what we need to realize is that God has given us a profound role that exceeds simply providing for our children and making sure they get a good education – to disciple them in a way that will lead to genuine Christ-followers, not Sunday Christian performers.

We are to be ambassadors of His message, not controllers or puppeteers of our children’s hearts. And this can only be done when we, the parent, are modeling for our kids what it means to genuinely and wholeheartedly follow Christ.

My husband and I have learned a lot in our parenting journey. We continually discover what works and what doesn’t because of our upbringing and look to God’s Word to educate and the Holy Spirit to guide us.

As we continue our journey, we self-reflect daily, knowing we are just as in need of God’s grace as our children. It’s with a posture of humility we desire to model for them how to live in freedom because of the gospel.

And while we are far from perfect, we have SO enjoyed walking alongside our son through his spiritual journey. It’s our privilege.

That’s my desire for you as you read this book.

I pray that your heart will be in tune with the Holy Spirit as you disciple your kids and you find joy in the process. I pray that my words can be used in your life to point your family to Christ.

What better time to raise disciples than right now; to help your kids not only find joy in their faith but prepare them to reflect Christ in a dark world.

Most of the advice in this book is inspired by Jesus’ interactions with His disciples. We can learn SO much about parenting from the Bible.

I hope you’ll enjoy my take on it!