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Top 10 FREE Online Learning Platforms for Kids

Online education is an ESSENTIAL for moms right now. It can be a great way for kids to still have fun, but at the same time learn something, so I’ve compiled a helpful list for you to be able to sit back, and let the online learning do its thang.

child doing online learning

I’ve included science, math, reading, writing, and even fun education games that will keep them occupied, but also learning.

I know this is a difficult time for moms and dads who are trying to sane amidst the madness. But before you allow your kids to watch mindless screens all day, (it’s super tempting) instead, offer your kids these free online resources that won’t turn their brains to mush.

Also check out my Printable Kids Journals — created to help your children better process their feelings, encourage gratitude, and spark creativity.

Online learning for math, science, reading, writing, educational games, and more

The list below included everything from math to reading. My son has learned SO much, and has fun doing it!

child doing online learning

Find out how to talk to your kids about current events in one of my latest posts.

10 great online learning resources for kids

child doing math

Online learning for math


Khan Academy

Reflex Math


Online learning for reading

Squiggle Park


little girl in science class

Online learning for science

Mystery Doug

National Geographic

little girl writing

Online learning for writing

Typing Club

Social Studies

History for Kids

child online learning

Online educational games


There you have it!

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Positive parenting tools for every parent 

Screen Time Protection and Teaching Moderation

I’ve recently partnered with Bark, a software to supervise, manage, and protect your child’s device use on the go. Use the code WORDBIRD at checkout to get an additional 1-month free trial after your first initial 7-day trial!

Screen Time Checklist Printable for Kids – FREE if you sign up for our weekly newsletter. Just fill out your info below. 

Book List for Kids and Parents

Check out my recommended books for parenting

Book list to teach kids about racial diversity. 

Journaling for Kids

When a child is old enough to start drawing, coloring, or writing, journaling is an incredible way to help your kids better express themselves in a free and comfortable way. Check out our Kid’s Printable Journals — created specifically to help children better express their feelings, encourage gratitude, and spark the imagination. 

Chores for Kids

Magnetized Chalk Chart for Fridge

Implementing chores and structure in your child’s daily life is a VERY helpful tool to teach them follow through, discipline, and respect. We use this chore chart in our family to help our kids keep track of their own progress, and keep you from having to constantly remind them of their daily tasks. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more simple, this is also a good option. 

Chore Chart Printable – Get it NOW from the convenience of your own printer

If you’re looking for something you can print out immediately and start implementing chores in your home today, check out this CHORE CHART PRINTABLE. With a Mandalorian theme, it makes for a lighthearted and fun way to encourage kids to do their daily and weekly “missions.”

Emotional Connectivity with Your Kids

Connecting on a deeper level emotionally with your child is CRUCIAL, and sometimes more difficult. We play THIS GAME often in our family to create a safe space for our kids to feel free to share their questions and emotions, all without judgment. 

We even offer an “Exemption Time” for the duration of this game, where anything he tells us is off the table for consequences. 

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