The KIDALORIAN Mission/Chore Chart (Ages 4-12)

Teach your child responsibility with this creative and interactive mission/chore chart for kids!

Like the MANDALORIAN follows through on certain missions, you can teach your child to also do so in a fun and creative way with the KIDALORIAN Mission Printable Chart.

Print from the convenience of your own home, laminate, and stick on your fridge. Have your kids use dry erase markers to fill in their daily and weekly missions in order to receive certain rewards, screen time, or an allowance. 

Suggestion: We added a “help your neighbor” task to ours. There are many elderly people in our neighborhood, so my son is asking (with social distancing in mind, of course) if they have any jobs for him to undertake, i.e. raking leaves, pulling weeds, etc. 

This interactive chore/mission chart is a great way to teach your child the importance of following through on certain tasks, helping others, and doing things other than screen time. 

For example, you can add “30 min of creativity” as a mission or “1 hr of reading” as a mission. The missions don’t ONLY have to be chores. The objective for parents is to help your child see the reward in doing things other than having screen time. 

I hope you and your kids like this printable mission chart! Enjoy!

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