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Boost Your Immune System Naturally and Quickly

Looking for some achievable, fast, and easy ways to boost your immune system?

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How to boost your immune system naturally, and what to take if you get sick

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I’ve done everything I can to avoid writing about current events. And even though I won’t make any speculations because I am neither qualified or know the future, I DO have some insight.

In light of these current events, I thought to myself, “okay, this is no time to panic, but rather be prepared.”

I think this is the mindset that our culture has bypassed.

Either everyone is freaking out and buying or taking all the toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitizer the world has to offer, leaving our hospitals out of stock OR they’re passive, and a bit naive.

Like everything, our society seems to play on extremes, and I’m one to try and find balance and logic amongst it all.

There is nothing wrong with being prepared. But perhaps our preparedness is aiming at the wrong target.

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The best way to avoid sickness

What is the BEST way to avoid sickness? Boosting your immune system so that IF you get the coronavirus or any illness, you can have the immune system to beat it.

I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, and after being sick for a year and searching high and low for answers, I finally found the solution in the hands of a caring naturopath who had some alternative ideas to my ailments.

The goal was to get my body functioning the way it should, so it can do its job in fighting off any toxins, viruses, or infections in my body.

As I can’t go into detail as to what the process looked like—because it was personalized to me—there is a TON of knowledge I have gained throughout that has helped me better understand my body and how boosting your immune system is your BEST defense against any ailment.

As I’m not a doctor, naturopath, or any specialist in medical care, I am someone who knows how much better I feel when my immune system is functioning correctly, and what I did to get it there.

That being said, I did my immune-boosting protocol during the flu peak season of January and February, and I have yet to get sick. I don’t take any special precautions when out and about, and I visit the gym almost daily.

Goes to say, I’ve been in places where germs frequent. My whole family has been sick, except me.

With that behind said, let’s talk about what you can do NOW to boost your immune system.

All products I recommend are what I personally use, and the best bang for your buck without the quality being compromised.

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How to boost your immune system naturally if you’re NOT sick, to prevent getting sick

  • Take plenty of HIGH-QUALITY Vitamin D, magnesium and potassium
  • Get restful sleep
  • Stop drinking alcohol and eating sugar
  • Stop drinking drinks that will dehydrate you (caffeine/coffee 😣at least drink less)
  • Drink TONS of water
  • Go outside and get fresh air and sunlight
  • Drink Probiotics (Kevita has one of the best probiotic drinks with high-quality probiotics)
  • Eat fewer animal byproducts and TONS of fruits and veggies, as well as nuts and seeds
  • Make a hearty soup to eat every day full of vitamins
  • Consider getting an essential oil kit for wellness and immune aid

Natural supplements to take if you get sick

So what happens if you get sick OR you can tell your immune system is low, and you need a power-up? Here’s a natural protocol, straight from the mouth of my renowned naturopath doctor. Seriously, he’s like the best.

How to boost your immune system if you ARE sick, or feeling like you’re getting sick

person in bath

How to naturally feel better and beat sickness

Now, let’s say you get a nasty cough, and you’re out of cough suppressant. I have some AWESOME insider info from this amazing pharmacist I met in Germany.

She said to do a steam bath with three bags thyme tea in it for 15 min, and however often as needed. We do this for my son, who’s very prone to respiratory coughs, and it works BETTER than any conventional medicine.

Another fantastic way to make yourself feel better is to take a bath and use Eucalyptus essential oils or bath salts. Add a little magnesium in there, and you will be feeling incredible if those flu shakes start up.

There you have it!