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What to do When Your Baby is Sick – 10 Must Have Products to Keep on Hand

As a mom, it’s one of the worst things to witness—your helpless, little sick baby; unable to sleep and as fussy as can be. With an eight year old and 9 month old, I’ve had my share of sick kiddos. And there is something I feel as though I can share as to what products to have in hand and some great remedies for sick infants.

what to do when baby is sick

How to Get Rid of a Baby’s Cold Fast – What You Should Have On Hand at ALL Times

The past month my littles and I have gone through two rounds of the flu—stomach and respiratory. Goes to say, sickness has been my life as of late. I guess those flu shots didn’t work this time around.

As I’m not a doctor or nurse, I can only suggest the items I use that have helped, but you should always consult a doctor if your baby is sick. It’s better to be safe, as a sick infant is not something to take lightly.

The worst part of your baby being sick, is that they can’t express to you what hurts. Most of it is a guessing game. So to cover all of it, being as you never know what you’re going to get, I suggest having ALL of these things on hand, ready to use at a moments notice.

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My advice is based upon my own experience of the product and why I love it. I would never recommend anything I didn’t think was useful and good as a natural remedy for your baby.

Everything I mention here is available at your convenience on Amazon.

Nasal Remedies

The NoseFrida is number one on my list for many reasons, and I think many moms agree. You know those bulb suckers that usually get full of bacteria and are dangerous for your baby’s sinuses?

Yeah, those are a thing of the past. The NoseFrida does not go into your baby’s nostril, but rather stops at the opening. And I know it’s gross, but you put your mouth on the other end to suck it out. But don’t worry! There is a filter to stop anything from ending up in your mouth.

This is truly a life saver. This wasn’t around when my older son was a baby and he ALWAYS got sinus and ear infections.

My nine-month-old has yet to get one, with the help of this and the next product I’ll mention.

Kids Xylitol Nasal Spray is AMAZING! Xylitol is a natural antibiotic, which I talk about more in my post about the natural benefits of Xylitol.

After I use the NoseFrida, I spray a little bit on each nostril. The only set back to these two items—your child may hate them with a passion. The older and stronger my son gets, the harder it is to aim and fire.

In my opinion, keeping the nose clear is the best way to keep away any long term sicknesses. I can speak from personal experience—my little guy has yet to get a severe fever and he has been sick multiple times. It stops at a mild cold and I’m pretty sure a lot has to do with keeping his sinuses clear.

When the sinuses are blocked, a myriad of other complications set in such as ear infections, sinus infections, fevers, and respiratory problems.

You know that snot that gets stuck on their face like glue when they wake up in the morning. I don’t know what it is about boogies—I can handle a lot but they are my weakness and my gagging reflex becomes involuntary.

That’s when BoogieWipes become irreplaceable. I used to think they were a little excessive. I mean, in reality you can take a wet washcloth.

But your little one is going through enough, so the softness and moisture helps get the dried boogie off with ease, without causing anymore chaffing they are experiencing already.

Respiratory Cough and Sore Throat

If your baby has a cough, ZARBEES Infant Cough Syrup is incredible, and usable at 2+ months. Also available for any age. They use only natural ingredients that are safe and tested. I found this to be EXTREMELY helpful to get my sick baby to sleep through the night.

Buying a humidifier can be daunting. I know because I bough a few lemons that broke within the first month AND it was recommended by Amazon. Super bummer.

After we tried TWO different kinds, we have finally found a winner with this Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier with Light Display.

This has proven not to break and we’ve had it for almost a year, which is a plus. It also has a really sweet light display that shines on the ceiling for your baby’s entertainment. Also a plus for when they are sick.

Vicks Vaporub has been a no-go for us, ever since I found out it’s toxic. Check out why here.

Solution? Use something better and all natural. Check out doTERRA Breath Essential Oil Respiratory Blend.

I must admit, I have a German version of this from when we lived in Germany, which is STILL full — the bottle never ends — but it’s the exact same ingredients.

Chapped Face and Nose

I have recommended Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Baby Ointment as an item for a baby shower gifts for eco-friendly moms, and I’ll recommend it again because it’s great to put on those chapped faces, as well as for protection against getting chapped.

Giving Medication Solution

For my now 9-month-old baby who was sick for the first time — I believe he was 2 months — I gave his some Zarbees Syrup right before bed. Little did I know, how you give a baby medicine is VERY important. The poor little guy choked SO bad that he had the stuff coming out of all his holes. Goes to say, I freaked out and promised I would never give him medication again.

Obviously, that’s not a solution. Thankfully, my wonderful mom, who used to be a nurse, told me the best way to give your baby medicine. You squirt it slowly into the side of their cheek!

If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, there is this Nipple Medication Dispenser that also works great.

Just Because He Needs You Items

Lots of snuggles

Special blanky

Teething biscuits

Plenty of Baby Entertainment

and more snuggles.

I hope this list of products helps you and your precious sick baby the next time they get a cold! I would love to hear what your must have items are!