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Why Your Child Should Journal – Printable Journals Included

Have you ever wondered if your child should start journaling? Here’s some great insight into the lost art of journaling, and why you should encourage it in your family.

little girl journaling

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Why is journaling important for kids?

I remember when I was a kid, and writing in my diary was what I looked forward to every day. I would draw, share my feelings, and the monumental events of my simple little homeschooled life.

One entry described my little pet stink bug, kept safely with twigs and leaves in my pink Caboodle. Do you remember those?

Side note, they are selling the classic and beloved Caboodle on Amazon. What goes around, comes around. I may have bought myself one recently. Shh.

Back to the diary—I loved writing as a kid. At one point, it even became a spy book for watching my neighbors. I was a WEIRD, but I turned out okay.

All that to say, journaling has become a lost art. Kids are spending a lot of time on their screens and less time writing on paper. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about putting pen to paper, seeing and feeling the ink on the page, and letting go.

At what age should my child start journaling?

why a child should journal

Children should start journaling as early as they can draw pictures or write out complete sentences.

If they feel more comfortable with drawing pictures as a form of journaling, then encourage that! Some children have a hard time writing out what they feel, so drawing it feel better.

It doesn’t matter whether they write out their feeling in art or writing form–the point is that they are expressing their feelings through an action, and that in and of itself is therapeutic and helpful for their emotional and mental health.

when should my child start journaling

Why your child should start journaling today

The benefits of journaling are endless:

  • Improves writing skills
  • Helps them work through little and BIG feelings
  • Process struggles and difficulties of life
  • Enhance creativity
  • Process ideas and dreams
  • Reflect on their emotions
  • Express and recognize gratitude

As you can see, the benefits of journaling are endless.

After my son started journaling, I noticed a difference in his ability to better express himself. It became a safe place for him to share his feelings, as sometimes he doesn’t feel like saying them out loud. This is especially true for boys.

My son is at an age where he wants to show me what he wrote down that day—I think whether they share their journals contents depends a lot on their age. But in many instances, if your child is allowing you to see their journal, you can discover and learn a lot about them.

For instance, the page in the journal about how they feel about school can give you a lot of insight as to what is happening at school, if they are being bullied, how they feel about their friends, and who their friends are.

As an adult I love journaling. It helps me to work through emotions, express what I am feeling, and process my difficulties. I have noticed the benefits in my life when it comes to my relationships as well.

When I journal before I address a difficult situation with my husband, I am able to think through what I am going to say, which enables me to healthily deal with certain circumstances.

writing journals for kids

Children writing and coloring journals

There are TONS of journaling prompts for adults, but less so for children.

That’s why I created this adventurous, interactive, thought-provoking, gratitude journal for boys and girls called MY LIFE Journals — for both boys and girls.

I guess you could say I wished I had one of these when I was little: I had a blank page, which is fine, but kids need a little direction. I find that my son has a hard time knowing what to write in a blank journal, so the questions and prompts within the pages, help him to get started.

There are also pages for them to draw, or simply write down their friends, family, and home.

Print out as many pages as you want to fill an entire three ring binder for a year or more! The possibilities are endless.

Here is the example from the girl’s journal.

And here is an example of the boys journal.

I hope your child enjoys writing down their thoughts and dreams, while also reflecting on what they are grateful for. Journaling is an incredible way to get your child to express and work through their feelings.

If you’re looking for a creative way to connect with your kids on a deeper level, check out this incredible dinner talk card game – OUR MOMENTS . Conversation starters that will resonate with your kids for emotional bonding and a great neutral way for them to open up to you. With questions like “If you were a superhero, who would you be?” and “Do you feel like you could tell me anything?” you will find yourself laughing and connecting as a family in a unique way.

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Book List for Kids and Parents

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Journaling for Kids

When a child is old enough to start drawing, coloring, or writing, journaling is an incredible way to help your kids better express themselves in a free and comfortable way. Check out our Kid’s Printable Journals — created specifically to help children better express their feelings, encourage gratitude, and spark imagination. 

Chores for Kids Tools

Magnetized Chalk Chart for Fridge

Implementing chores and structure in your child’s daily life is a VERY helpful tool to teach them follow through, discipline, and respect. We use this chore chart in our family to help our kids keep track of their own progress, and keep you from having to constantly remind them of their daily tasks. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more simple, this is also a good option. 

Chore Chart Printable – Get it NOW from the convenience of your own printer

If you’re looking for something you can print out immediately and start implementing chores in your home today, check out this CHORE CHART PRINTABLE. With a Mandalorian theme, it makes for a lighthearted and fun way to encourage kids to do their daily and weekly “missions.”

Emotional Connectivity with Your Kids

Connecting on a deeper level emotionally with child is CRUCIAL, and sometimes more difficult. We play THIS GAME often in our family to create a safe space for our kids to feel free to share their questions and emotions, all without judgement. 

We even offer an “Exemption Time” for the duration of this game, where anything he tells us is off the table for consequences. 

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