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Best Free YouTube Maternity/Prenatal Workouts – Online Workout Videos For Pregnancy

free online maternity workouts

I was pretty fit before I got pregnant this time around. My workout routine was 6 days a week, 45 min-1 hour per day. I weighed between 117-120 lbs and am 5’6″ – I did anything from barre routines, kickboxing, yoga and pilates, cross-fit, and running. I am about to pop out my baby within the next few days, but I am determined to get back down to my pre-baby weight because of how I was able to stay fairly fit during pregnancy. 

I found it hard to find videos that were challenging enough for me, even though I was pregnant. I had researched and read that in the first trimester you can work out just as you always have, depending on what your doctor advises.

All of the prenatal videos I found online were a little too easy, and I wanted something a bit more challenging. I ended up watching videos that weren’t necessarily “prenatal,” but rather regular workout’s I modified for my level and trimester. 

That’s where this article will help you. I found workout videos I used for each trimester and then modified whatever I needed. Obviously, you need to figure out what you can achieve, but I listed above my fitness level so you can plan accordingly. 

I took it a tiny step down in my first trimester, especially with weight lifting just to be on the safe side—but that’s something you need to discuss with your doctor. 

Benefits of working out during pregnancy

My first pregnancy, I hardly worked out. It was eight years ago, and all I did were some yoga stretches and walks around the block every now and then. This pregnancy, I vowed to do it differently and come up with a workout strategy so I wouldn’t fall into a slump.

It worked, but it also came with some hiccups. As you know, pregnancy doesn’t always seem to go the way you would like it. When it comes to working out or finding some kind of fitness regime during pregnancy, it can prove to be difficult given morning sickness, mood swings, tiredness, and overall mindset that exercise isn’t quite as important as it used to be.

But believe me, working out during pregnancy when done right will not only benefit your overall mood, but it will give you more energy throughout the day and a head start to getting back to your pre-prego bod.

Here are the main benefits of working out during pregnancy

Always check with your doctor/OBGYN before performing any workout plan during pregnancy.

1. You will have more energy.

2. Your hips will thank you.

3. You will feel better about the changes your body is going through.

4. It will increase blood flow throughout your body keep swelling down.

5. It will make recovery after birth a million times easier.

6. It will give you a better mood.

7. Giving birth will come easier as your body will be fit to perform. 

8. Your mind will be healthier, as well as your self-image. 

9. You won’t gain as much weight.

10. Your muscles will recover much faster.

As you can see, working out during pregnancy has amazing benefits. I could tell with this latest pregnancy how much more prepared for the birth I was than my previous pregnancy. My overall self-image was better because I didn’t gain as much weight, and I just felt better.

Don’t stress yourself to workout every day, just do what you can, as advised by your doctor. 

Now that we have talked about why you should workout during pregnancy, and the many benefits it contains, let’s talk about some workout resources I found AMAZING and free!

Best Free Workout Videos for Pregnancy

These resources aren’t necessarily “Pregnancy” workouts, so I modified when necessary. I found it harder to find specific pregnancy workouts that actually challenged me. This way, depending on how you feel, or how fit you were before you worked out, you can modify to your own desire. 

Jessica Smith TV

Not only is this chick endearing and sweet – she isn’t annoying!!! She’s also normal. By that I mean, she doesn’t weight 5 lbs and only eats carrots. I find her workouts to be incredibly simple, straightforward and effective. 

You can basically feel free to do anything, but modify based on safe maternity workout modifications. – especially in your second and third trimester.

This one is my favorites for the first trimester – Metabolic Training

Second trimester – Stepping Strength

Third trimester – Walking


I love the versatility in these workouts. Not only do they offer a variety of workout, but they make it entertaining, and again – mostly non-annoying. 

Working out will become fun and you will feel apart of something, as they usually have groups of women in each video. What’s also nice –  they will always show modifications to be done. It’s not specific to prenatal, but it helps guide you to know what is safer. 


Tabata workout – the first trimester only if you were previously fit!

Yoga Barre Hybrid – first and second trimester

Victoria Secret Model Workout –

My absolute favorite that is so surprisingly effortless. I was so sore the next day, but surprisingly so – when you’re doing it, it feels like a breeze! This one is AWESOME for even the third trimester. 


Yoga with Adrienne

I absolutely love this girl. She’s down to earth and the topics are extremely organized to fit your needs. 

These ones really helped with my back and neck problems that come with pregnancy 

Yoga for lower back pain

Neck and shoulder relief


I hope you enjoy these workout videos as much as I do! Who needs a gym!?

Do you have any workout videos to share?