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The Most Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Families

Are you looking for some creative Halloween costume ideas so you can dress up as a family? Here are some great DIY options that are family-friendly, and easy to make!

halloween costume ideas

Halloween, for me, has never been about the scary goblins or bloody zombies. In fact, every year, I do my best to protect my little ones from seeing and hearing things they shouldn’t when it comes to Halloween. 

I remember being young and watching things I shouldn’t have. They still stick with me. I’m pretty sure my fear of sharks is still tied to when I watched Jaws at a much too young age. 

So when it comes to Halloween, I do my best to introduce age-appropriate things to my kids. In many cases, this means doing family-friendly costumes that won’t instill fear in their little minds or give them nightmares.

But it’s hard these days, right? If you decide to go on a family walk, the fake zombie in the neighbor’s yard could start moaning at your toddler, causing them to start screaming for the next hour. Or your four-year-old asks why there’s a dismembered arm on their lawn. 

As with anything, America likes to overdo and outdo the next person. So every year, Halloween gets scarier and darker, with decorations and costumes to boot. 

Being a Christian, I’m always trying to find balance when integrating with culture, but not being legalistic about it. Check out Christians and Halloween for more of my thoughts on that.

I decided to write a post for those of you who see things similarly and create a list of family-friendly costume ideas for this Halloween so your kids won’t be having nightmares well into adulthood. Part of protecting your kids also means protecting them from what they see and hear. So do it with how you dress up this year! Have a conversation with them if they see something that scares them. Don’t leave them to their imaginations and think that the things they see this year are real. It can actually open up some good conversations. 

With that being said, here are some great ideas as you think of what to dress you and your family up as this year!

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Families

halloween costume ideas

Star Wars Halloween Costume

I LOVE this ideas from The Mother Overload! Go check out more family friendly costume ideas from her.

Halloween costume ideas for kids in wheelchair

Doctor Who Wheelchair Kids Costume

This is the most adorable idea I’ve seen yet! Check out more from Reese Dixon.

Halloween costume ideas for entire family

Nintendo Mario Bros Halloween Costume

Not only is this family adorable, but they also got super creative with their Halloween costume. It’s also family-friendly! Check out their tutorial here.

Halloween costume ideas for kids

Donut Tummy DIY Idea for Kids

This is super cute! Check out more DIY costumes from I Love To Create.

halloween costume ideas for kids batman and robin

Batman and Robin DIY Halloween Costume Idea

These two are adorable! Check out how it’s done over at Say Yes.

DIY elsa from frozen halloween costume idea

Frozen Themed

Every one loves FROZEN! Check out this adorable DIY family-friendly costume idea for kids over at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Kristoph from frozen halloween costume ideas for kids

More Frozen Themed Costumes for Kids

Can’t forget Kristof! Check out this adorable DIY costume over at Momendeavors.

captain america kids halloween costume idea

Captain America Halloween Costume for Kids DIY

Love this cute costume by In Honor of Design! Find out how it’s done here.

halloween costume idea for entire family

Avengers Family

Avengers for the whole family Halloween costume idea.

optimus prime amazon boxes halloween costume idea

Optimus Prime Amazon Box Halloween Costume for Kids

Domino halloween costume for families

Domino Family Halloween Costume Idea

GI jo halloween costume idea

GI Jo Family!

Angler Fish Costume Idea

Halloween costume for kids ratatouille

Halloween Costume Idea