Are you wondering whether taking Jubilance is right for you? Or perhaps you want to know about the side effects? Well, I took jubilance for 2 months, and here is my honest review of what happened.

honest jubilance supplement review

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Got PMS? I took Jubilance for two months and this is what happened

What is Jubilance?

I came across an interesting article on Facebook about a product called Jubilance, claiming to reduce the symptoms of PMS by up to 54%, and that PMS symptoms had surprisingly nothing to do with hormones.

Due to my extreme issues with PMS that have steadily grown worse after having kids and entering my thirties, I decided to take the plunge and try it out for myself.

First, let’s talk about what Jubilance is, and how it works.

“Jubilance is made of one ingredient that is part of many metabolic reactions occurring naturally in the body. This ingredient, oxaloacetate, is important in energy production, and overall proper cellular functioning,” says Jubilance. They go on to claim that,

“During PMS, hormone levels in some women can shift, causing sugar in the brain to become unbalanced. When specific parts of the brain are demanding extra sugar, this can cause reactions, including increased anxiety, sadness, irritation, mood swings, and perceived stress.

80% of women experience some form of PMS. Jubilance was created to help. In randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials, it significantly improved anxiety, gloomy mood, perceived stress, and irritation associated with PMS.”

How does Jubilance help PMS symptoms?

Now let’s talk about what PMS is.

If you’re a woman, you know EXACTLY what it is.

It’s Aunt Flow, shark week (Hammerhead or Great White, take your pick), monstruating (my husband’s invention), and a whole lot of %$&# &$#.

Yeah, it’s NO fun.

So what can Jubilance do for those of us who experience PMS at its best?

In short, this supplement will help reduce your PMS symptoms; specifically, 51% improved anxiety, 54% improved gloominess, 36% improved stress levels, and 18% improved irritability.

Um. Yes. Please.

Read here about my story (and my hubby’s) with PMS, and why I need all the help I can get.

My Honest Jubilance review

After reaching out to Jubilance, they gave me a two-month supply to take and write an honest review of the results. I was more than happy to do so, but also a bit skeptical.

I started the first dose the morning after my period had ended. That gave a full month for it to kick in, but Jubilance said it takes about two months to experience the full effects.

That being said, I saw improvements within the FIRST month.

Benefits of Jubilance

jubilance helps with food cravings

Food Cravings

One of the biggest things I noticed was my food cravings.

My PMS symptoms always brought about the dreaded food cravings I would give in to that pretty much demolished any attempts I had at losing weight. Also, when I did eat bad right before my period started, it made everything worse—mentally and physically.

With Jubilance, I no longer had food cravings.

I should note, I’ve never really suffered much from the physical side effects of PMS, except tiredness the day before and the day of. I did notice increased energy, but I have no idea if Jubilance helps with cramps, as I never really had any.

jubilance helps with irritability


My irritability was still there, but not near as bad. I think my most significant irritation when I PMS is my husband, more specifically, when he sits next to me and chews his food LOUDLY in my ear.

While I was on Jubilance, he could have been chomping on a giant wad of chewing tobacco, and I wouldn’t have cared.

You can ask my husband. He was probably more pleased with the results than I was — poor husband.

jubilance helps with mood swings

Mood Swings

My mood swings were pretty much absent after Jubilance. Before, I was pretty confident that I was a werewolf, and my PMS was the full moon. Anything after the full moon came, no one wanted to be around me, including me.

After taking Jubilance, I didn’t feel much different than I normally do the rest of the month.


My stress levels were fairly low, but I feel like stress is just a part of life, PMS or not. That being said, it’s a bit hard to gauge whether it helped or not.


Gloominess is where it got good for me.

When people say they are emotional when PMSing, I relate that to crying during a hallmark commercial or having a breakdown after eating a giant tub of ice cream.

But for me, gloominess meant falling into the pits of despair — Princess Bride reference — and assuming no way out. Gloominess, to me, means depression, hopelessness, even though my life was good.

I’ve had to have copious amounts for grace for myself during this time, and pretty much chalk it up as it was what is was — depression and all. I wasn’t myself, and the worst part was I knew that. Every. Single. Month. It would happen again. And again.

Ladies, if you experience hardcore PMS symptoms, then you have to try this supplement.

Check out the trial offer that’s going on NOW!

Not only did my gloominess subside, I felt good, which before was a nonexistent feeling during PMS.

My unknown side effects

The reason I say unknown is that I don’t know if it had to do with Jubilance, or my lack of sleep that week — I got a few migraines within a week BUT it was only that week. I hadn’t gotten a migraine in a few years, so I thought it peculiar that I got them again while on Jubilance.

Anyway, as I can’t scientifically prove that it was due to the Jubilance, I’m pretty sure it was because of lousy sleep.

That being said, I did experience a lack of sleep on Jubilance, but nothing out of the ordinary of my normal cycles of insomnia. I was hoping it would help my sleep because during my PMS my sleep SUCKS.

That’s my honest review after taking Jubilance!

All in all, Jubilance is an amazing product that does what it says does. I would recommend it to any woman that unfortunately is victim to the more severe side effects of PMS, especially mental, and needs to be thrown a lifeline.

Don’t forget about the trial offer!

***UPDATE: I wrote this post a while back, and have now been taking Jubilance for over a year! I can say that when I am taking it consistently, it truly helps the side-effects that come with emotional-related PMS, and is something I wholeheartedly stand by. I

I know how debilitating PMS can be for some women, and I’m glad there is finally something out there to help us!


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