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Gabb Wireless | A Mom Reviews the Safest Kid’s Phone

Gabb Wireless should be on your list if you’re a mom or dad on the hunt for a safe new phone for your kids. Because it doesn’t have an internet browser, mindless games, or social media, you can rest assured that the Gabb phones or watches have your child’s best interest in mind regarding technology. With today’s increasing risks of mental health issues among young people in relation to unhealthy screen usage, Gabb is an incredible way to safeguard your child against cyberbullying, pornography, and so much more. Check out my in-depth review below, answering all the questions you might have before making your educated decision to purchase a safe phone for your child.

If you’re looking for a phone that better fits your tween or teen, be sure to check out the new Bark Kid’s Phone. Unlike the Gabb wireless phone which doesn’t allow any apps or internet, Bark can be adjusted to meet your exact need — apps, some apps, no apps, internet, no internet. It’s literally the phone that does whatever you need it to, while also safeguarding your kids. 



Gabb phones features

*I make a small commission when you use my discount link. This is not a sponsored post, simply an honest review of the products we personally use and love that safeguard children against unhealthy tech usage. If you want to support my mission of keeping kids safe online, then get your discount and use my link! Thanks for your continued support. 

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“As a mom and parenting coach, I recommend Gabb”

As a mom of an 11-year-old boy and a parenting educator and coach, I consider it one of my top priorities to protect my child’s mental and emotional health by doing what I can to safeguard him from age-inappropriate content on the internet or social media.

And that’s the exact mission of the Gabb wireless smartphone company. Gabb devices allow you to communicate with your child through text messages or voice calls without the added dangers that most smartphones bring.

But the decision to find the perfect phone for your child can be daunting, expensive, and confusing. I mean, why not just use that old iPhone you have sitting in the cabinet, put a parental control like Bark on it and call it good? But phones like Gabb give parents peace of mind, knowing there are no loopholes; it’s a completely safe smartphone that’s affordable, easy to set up and use, and something your child is going to love!

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What is the Gabb Wireless Phone?

The Gabb Wireless Phones were made to safeguard your child against the dangers of technology by eliminating internet, apps, social media, and games. Considered the worlds “dumbest” smartphone, Gabb allows 10 safe contacts, talking and texing, image/video MMS, group texting, a high quality camera, and more safe features listed throughout this article.

Are Gabb Phones worth it?

The Gabb z2 Phone and Gabb Phone Plus are definitely worth it. When you consider your child’s mental and emotional health in regards to technology, starting them out on a Gabb device is a no-brainer. If you desire to implement digital wellness in your home, introducing your child to a smartphone with a Gabb device will help establish a healthy relationship between your child and technology.

Along with having frequent conversations surrounding tech, a Gabb Phone adds another stepping stone in your child’s life to better understand the benefits of technology without experiencing the pitfalls.

Also, check out this message from Gabb! 

“Coming soon! The Gabb Phone Plus will allow you to select from a growing list of curated, safe, 3rd-party apps. You’ll simply log in to your Gabb Wireless account to select what apps to add to your child’s phone as they become available.”

This means that your child’s Gabb Phone Plus will be able to grow WITH them, so parents can still have control over what their kids are experiencing on their smartphones. 

statistics for screen time

Gabb vs Pinwheel

Before we opted in for the Gabb wireless phone, my son used the Pinwheel phone, another great option for older kids. In all honesty, Pinwheel was great. But unfortunately, it’s at the bottom of the Gulf right now. He dropped it while we were out on my parent’s boat. It’s similar to the Gabb Phone Plus but allows therapist-approved apps that parents have complete control over. 

Check out my full review of the Pinwheel Phone here or if you want to learn more about the main differences between the Pinwheel Phone and the Gabb phone.

*Update – My son is now 12 and has outgrown both the Gabb Phone and the Pinwheel Phone, and now has the Bark Kid’s Phone. This is by far the best option we’ve tried so far that I would highly recommend for tweens and teens. For only $49/mo you get a phone that looks like any other phone, an unlimited date phone plan, and the assurance that your child is 100% safe on their phone at all times. 

Pros and Cons List of Gabb Wireless


  • The safest phone for kids – no internet, apps, social media, mindless games
  • Has the ability to download music or audiobooks on the Gabb Plus Phone
  • Affordable
  • GPS tracker to find lost phones or even lost children
  • Ready to use, fresh out of the box
  • Great battery life – Samsung
  • High-quality camera
  • High-quality devices overall
  • Established company with great customer service


  • Not compatible with certain parental controls like Bark, available to monitor your child’s activity 
  • Higher monthly fee for opting out of a contract
  • Does not have the capability of adding your phone to other cell services like Verizon, T-mobile, or AT&T (possible a pro for some)
  • Doesn’t have the capability to download other safe apps that could benefit your child as they grow (Coming soon for the Gabb Phone Plus!)

Review of the Gabb Z2 Phone

Protect your child from online dangers while also having the ability to communicate with them via text or call. The Gabb Z2 Phone is a great first phone option for kids that is completely safe.

Price point

The Gabb Z2 Phone is the more affordable option from Gabb, which costs $149.99. When you click the link, it applies my added discount, which is $25 OFF! 

Along with the immediate purchase of the phone, you will need a cellular plan that you can either pay yearly or monthly. Here are your options. 

  • 2-year contract $17.99/mo
  • 1-year contract $19.99/mo
  • No contract $24.99/mo


Even though the Z2 phone has fewer features than the Gab Phone Plus, it still allows you to add on certain features like MMS (receiving images and group texting) and a warranty, both for only an additional $5 per month. Here are the main features.

  • Manufacturer – ZTE
  • Fingerprint scan for security
  • Internet, app store, & social media free
  • GPS location services
  • Lock Mode
  •  Bluetooth connection for music
  • Front 5MP and 8MP Cameras
  • Comes pre-activated
  • Gabb Guard (stops spam calls and texts)
  • Ability to download your music or audiobooks (tutorial here)

What apps are included on the Gabb Z2 Phone?

  • FM Radio
  • Video
  • Voice Recorder
  • Camera
  • Calendar
  • Music
  • Clock
  • Photos
  • Call
  • Messages
  • File Manager
  • Calculator
  • Contacts

Review of the Gabb Phone Plus

The Gabb Phone Plus has a sleek and modern look, similar to most new smartphones on the market today. For only $50 more and a little more of a monthly fee on the Gabb Plus Plan, the Gabb Phone PLUS offers some great features, with the ability to grow with your child in the future! Quite possibly the best news YET.

“Coming soon! The Gabb Phone Plus will allow you to select from a growing list of curated, safe, 3rd-party apps. You’ll simply log in to your Gabb Wireless account to select what apps to add to your child’s phone as they become available.”


  • Manufacturer – Samsung 
  • GPS Tracking
  • Nationwide Talk & Text
  • Gabb Music
  • Gabb Messenger
  • Lock Mode
  • Safe 3rd-party apps – coming soon
  • Gabb Music Plus – coming soon

What does the Gabb Phone Pluss offer that the Gabb Z2 Phone does not?

A common question amongst parents is, why the plus? While the Gabb z2 Phone is an incredible option, the plus is a better overall product that’s higher in quality and has the ability to support more of Gabb’s future subscriptions and services. For this reason alone — being able to update it to grow with your child — I would personally opt in for the Gabb Phone Plus, knowing I won’t have to purchase another phone for my child down the road. 

What apps are included on the Gabb Phone Plus?

The Gabb Phone Plus has third-party, pre-installed safe apps. Here is the list of apps that are included.

  • Camera
  • Gabb Music Player (Plus only)
  • Phone
  • Contacts
  • Gallery
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • Gabb Cloud – backs up all photos, videos, and contacts on your Gabb phones each day, and will restore them automatically when replacing or upgrading any Gabb phone. Get 10GB of backup storage for only $0.99/month. Add at checkout.
  • My Files
  • Setting

Review of the Gabb Phone Watch

The Gabb watch is a phone, watch, and GPS locator all in one! If you’re looking for something that your child can wear at school, on play dates, or going to the park with his friends, the Gabb Watch is a great first device option for any child.

The Gabb Phone Watch is a great way to not only communicate with your child but keep track of their whereabouts with GPS location services.

It’s been very endearing to watch my son proudly display his new watch, using it for timing teeth brushing, texting his grandmother, taking care of his little nano pet, and calling me for no reason other than to say, “I love you.” 

Our personal experience | Gabb Wireless Review

I love being a mom. And I consider it my responsibility to keep my little ones safe from any kind of harm. In today’s world, some of those dangers are the same, but many look much different than when you and I were growing up. They can be more hidden from the parent and more easily found by children. 

Even though you might do everything you can to protect your child on their devices, other kids are at school with unmonitored devices.

And that’s why I will always land on this. Don’t ONLY get the right devices and have the proper parental controls. Have FREQUENT conversations with your child about digital wellness. Stay up to date on the latest. And above all, be the person your child feels they can come to with what the negative things they experience or the mistakes they make, instead of being the one they try and hide from. 

Parents, in this day and age, nothing is more valuable than being your child’s space they feel safe to share their heart in — the good, the bad, and the ugly. They WILL experience things beyond their maturity. Prepare them. Help them process it. Educate them. 

That being said, our experience with Gabb has been more than ideal. The quality is there. It does what we need it to do with excellence. Even though I’m looking forward to the latest feature for the Plus Phone, as mentioned above, it’s by far the best kid’s phone out there as far as quality. You won’t regret getting your child a Gabb Wireless Phone!

FAQ about the Gabb Phone and Gabb Phone Plus

Does Gabb Wireless get good service?

Many customers have raved about the great coverage with Gabb wireless service for both text and calls, claiming they haven’t had any issues, even while traveling around the United States. We have had the same experience of great service so far!

“Gabb plans include coverage on a nationwide 4G LTE network. Under the Gabb Plan, users receive unlimited talk and text service on a great flexible monthly plan to fit their child’s needs.”

Is the Gabb phone good for kids?

Because Gabb wireless phones don’t have internet access, harmful apps, or social media, it’s the safest first phone option for kids. This smartphone gives parents the peace of mind they need while also giving a child the excitement and responsibility of owning their very own phone or smartwatch. 

Can the Gabb phone receive pictures?

The Gabb Phone PLUS allows you to send/receive images and videos at no additional cost. If you get the Gabb Phone, you can opt-in the send or receive images for an additional $5 per month. 

Can you use the Gabb Phone or Gabb Watch with other carriers?

Because the Gabb Phone operates on its own cellular network, it is not able to be used with other carriers. This keeps things simple and easy for setting up your child’s new Gabb Phone, not having to worry about getting it set up with a service provider. You can open the box and start using it right away!

Can I keep my number with Gabb?

When you purchase the Gabb Phone or the Gabb watch, you will be assigned a new number. If you get both, you will have two separate numbers for both devices.