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7 Ways to get the “French Girl” Look

There’s just something about the effortless, chic, and simple French girl style that never quits. It’s not that French women are more beautiful than everyone else. It’s that they aren’t afraid to let their natural beauty shine through, while also accentuating it with simplicity and timelessness. I’ve always admired their uncomplicated and unique way of expressing themselves with class, while also adding pops of color, or making quirky yet subtle statement with their clothing.

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french girl with cream blouse and high waisted pants

I’ll be honest. I don’t write much about fashion or style on this blog, even though it’s always been something I’ve loved — if you put me in an Anthropologie store, it’s most likely I’ll be there for hours.

As a former hairstylist, the way someone wears their hair and dresses is usually the first thing I notice on them. It’s an important part of feeling your best as a woman. I’ve always tried to be flexible when it comes to my style and not get too hung up on any ONE trend, yet also stay true to myself.

And I’ve never found anyone who does JUST that quite like a French girl.

How to Have French Girl Style This Fall

1. Stripes are a MUST HAVE

french girl in striped sweater

Everyone knows that black and white stripes are a Parisian staple.

But stripes can easily look cheesy or cheap when you get the wrong material, or you don’t pair it with the right piece.

I can’t tell you how many amazing striped sweaters I find at thrift stores. So before you go spending lots of money at a department store or boutique, make sure you hit up your local Goodwill. You never know what kind of sweater treasures you can find there. Here are some chic shirts and sweaters avaliable on Amazon if you don’t want to venture out to a thrift store!

Add some PUFFS to your STRIPES to make it unique

Check out this adorable puff sleeve women’s tee from Amazon. Click the image to check out the price.

Or check out this sweater option at Anthropologie

Pair this shirt or sweater with a high-waist skinny jean, and you’ll be all set to sip a cappuccino outside at your favorite cafe.

2. The Power of the Black Blazer

woman in black blazer and jeans

Let’s face it. French style is all about simplicity. And simplicity goes hand in hand with comfort.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten by without the perfect blazer, and neither should you.

Blazers are one of those things that will never go out of style and another staple to French girl style.

In a matter of minutes, you can take a casual outfit, put a blazer on, and be ready for a night out with your hubby or speak at an event.

Whatever the occasion, a blazer will NEVER disappoint. I usually wear one that’s goes half way down my bootay, and is comfortably left open. Like this one from Amazon.

I also love this one from Target. The sleeves add a unique touch and make it look a little more casual.

woman wearing a black blazer

3. Kick the Pumps and Opt-in for Flats

woman wearing leather black flats

If you’re still 20 and don’t have corns yet, then go ahead and rock those pumps! But for me, being the everyday woman and all, if I wear heels fro more than an hour, I’ll be bed ridden the next day.

That’s why I’m IN LOVE with the French girl simplicity of the foot-friendly flat, especially these ones from EllenRubenBagsShoes on Etsy.

4. Those Bold Frame Sunglasses, Tho

french woman wearing sunglasses

I love large frame sunglasses. I’ve owned so many pairs that’s it’s not even funny. BUT I have a problem that I think most women, especially moms, can identify with. I can’t buy nice things anymore.
At some point my sunglasses will get lost, broken, stolen, sat on, stepped on — you name it. That’s why I always stick with the less expensive versions of what I love, like this pair from Woodzee Inc.

5. Say Yes to the Little Black…Jumpsuit

woman wearing a black jumpsuit

Dresses are great. But Jumpsuits are ALL the rage right now. Not to mention, they are comfortable, chic, simple, and will make you feel French in a hot minute! What’s cuter then this one by maybecollection? Nope, pretty much nothing.

6. Don’t Forget the Black Boots

You can’t even attempt French girl style without having a black leather boot apart of your wardrobe.

I’m love these ones by Anthropologie.

They’re simple, yet make a statement.

7. Red Lips

french woman with red lips and black hat

Red lips yet minimal makeup has always been on the top list of must-do’s for french girl style. When you include fall in the mix, the red can range from a deep burgundy, to a rusty deep red. I’ve always been a fan of Stila Stay All Day Matte Lipstick. I bought it first 5 years ago and haven’t switched to anything else!

There you have it! Your French girl starter kit. I love its simplicity and effortless flair.

I hope you’ll be inspired to go a little more French, even if you’re stuck at home!