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7 Free and Short Leg Workout Videos

Looking for some short and to the point leg workout videos to get you going even if you don’t have the time?

I am a huge advocate of trying to get in my workouts outside, hanging out with my family, especially in the summer months. But when life gets in the way, I usually head to YouTube for inspiration in keeping my cheeks up to date.

leg workout videos

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Short and purposeful leg workout videos

Working out can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a mom of one, two, or three little ones—but it doesn’t have to be. If you can squeeze in a 10-minute workout here or there, you can accomplish the results of those women working out for an entire hour at the gym!

Seriously. When I realize that I have 10 minutes to spare when I wake up, I’ll open up YouTube and get to work. Then, right before bed, or during my son’s quick cat nap, I can squeeze in an arm burner, or a butt blaster 10-minute routine. Add in another 7-minute ab sesh before I cook dinner, and my workout is complete.

10-minute sessions have become my go-to with this crazy mom life of mine, and I’m here to share with you my seven faves that have kept my legs toned and defined—that is when I keep up with it!

These little mini-sessions don’t always work like that for everyone. They can also be a tag on a workout you want to throw in at the end of your run. Whatever works for you, these workouts are sure to please.

To motivate myself, right off the bat I will put on my super awesome Alo Yoga workout pants in the morning, as well as my Nike Fabric Shoes and I’m good to go. I know the leggings are a bit on the pricey side, but every time I wear them, I feel invincible. They are also VERY flattering to my legs.

When it comes to working out from home in, I usually go to Popsugar fitness to find something I’m in the mood for. Their channel is FULL of amazing workouts from people who mostly aren’t annoying. Like this 15-minute tight and toned strong legs workout.

Check out these incredible FREE leg workout videos

If I’m a little tired that day, or did another bigger workout, I’ll go see Adriene over on her yoga YouTube channel. She’s incredible if you want to mix yoga into things. I know this workout is a little longer, but you don’t have to do the whole thing.

When it comes to slim and tones legs, we all know that they also need to be stretched as well. This is a great workout for that!

I really love blogilates. They have fun and free routines that aren’t strenuous on your body, but also are TOUGH. Like this one.

Barre workouts have become my favorite. If you want legs like a dancer, then barre is for you. It mixes all the things for slim and toned results.

My favorite barre resource, is again, Popsugar fitness.

Their barre classes are AMAZING and fun. Check out this one by Tracey Mallett!

Here’s a REALLY short session, for those of you who only have 5-minutes!

I LOVE this guy! This routine is super fun, and a great burner for your legs! It’s crazy what one can accomplish in no time flat. I sweet more in this 7-minute session than in other 30 min sessions!

You no longer have excuses for not having time to work out with this one.

This one by Anna Victoria requires a little equipment for an extra challenge, but those booty bands (especially non-slip fabric resistance one’s) are well worth the money!

I know this is more of a booty workout, but it also includes the legs. Everything works together!

There you have it! A few videos to help you realize you don’t need a crazy amount of time to get in a good workout! Happy leg toning!