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40 Easy And Cute Hairstyles For Girls with Video Tutorials

Looking for a new hairstyle for your little girl? We’ve rounded up some of the best hairstyles for girls that are easy to style at home, including variations of braids, buns, ponytails, twists, and so much more. 

little girl with bubble braid haristyle

Why styling your daughter’s hair is good for your relationship.

Brushing and styling your daughter’s hair can create some pretty special bonding moments and memories made. After all, physical touch is an incredible way to boost your little one’s brain development. Also, your daughter will learn what it feels like to have her hair done and pretty; you can even match her hair style with yours to make it extra special. But mom life can get chaotic, and those moments that could be special usually seem to be rushed and challenging, especially if your daughter has a sensitive scalp.

So here’s what I recommend to set the stage.

Show your daughter a picture of what you want to do with her hair. Let her pick out a bow or headband so she feels she has some say in the matter.

Show her how you brush her hair, and even let her brush yours for you. You can even let her brush her own hair before you do it, so she feels more comfortable. Try and narrate to her what you’re doing.

“I’m going to get your hair nice and smooth, so we can style it! Do you want the red bow or the pink one?”

Make sure you ask how it feels so you know whether or not to be more gentle.

“Let me know if you need a break; I’ll be so gentle.”

The more gentle and inclusive you can be, the better the experience will be. Let them be a part of the process! Now for the styles.

We’ve got you covered when figuring out how to style your little girl’s hair in a sinch. Check out these quick video tutorials for long hair, short hair, and everything in between. 

little girl having her hair done

As a former hairstylist and mom, I know how stressful it can be to come up with ways to style your kid’s hair, especially when you consider their hair texture. Not only do we have our own look to keep up with, but we also have our child’s hair to brush and style, making sure they don’t go to school looking unkempt. As a mother of boys, I don’t have it that hard. But to all you girl mom’s out there, I feel for you. 

I hope you find some helpful ideas here! I’ve also recommended some great styling hacks and safe products from Amazon that will make your life easier when styling your kids hair. 

*If you purchase something I recommend, I make a small commission. Thanks for your continued support so I can keep bringing you quality articles and helpful suggestions!

Easy hair ideas for your daughter’s hair — toddler or tween and everything in between

Scroll to the end for inspiring hairdo pictures!


It doesn’t get any cuter than a little girl with braids. And in 2022, we couldn’t have MORE adorable options with braids of all kinds.

French Braid

Check out this tutorial on the easy french braid from pretty hair is

French Crown Braid

French Twist Braid

Bubble Braid

Bubble braids are all the rage and, in my opinion, easier than a braid. All you need are some rubber bands and you’re good to go! Just be extra careful with the elastic bands. While it might look great, taking it out can be painful for your little one.

Dutch Braid

I love the dutch braid, and there are so many variations. Just think of it as an inside out girls’ braid.

Strand Braid

Strand braids are something your little girl with LOVE. Here’s where you can get the ribbon to braid in.

Pull Through Braid with Elastics

This is such a cute hairstyle and you can change it up with the elastic colors. Here are some options for good elastics.

Little Girl Hairstyles: Buns

Call it a ballerina or princess bun, little girls LOVE this look.

Messy Bun Tutorial for Toddlers

Never underestimate the messy bun. In my opinion, there’s nothing cuter than a toddler girl with a big messy bun on top of her head.

Top Knot

Like the messy bun, the top knot is a bit more purposeful and a great style for sports or playtime.

Pigtails and Pony Tails Hairdo’s

Take a look at these creative options for pigtails.

I love this medievel style ponytail + braid by SweetHearts Hair

Hair Bow Hairstyles

These hairstyles that resemble braids are easy and classy.

Princess Hairstyles

I love this Elsa Braid by the Christensens

Curly Hair

Little girl curls are something to be admonished and highlighted, not flattened and hidden.

Simple Hairstyles for Girls

Love these 3 simple, fast, and easy hair ideas from Tessi Wood and her daughters.

My recommended natural and safe products for girls’ hair

Pastel Colored Hair ties

Shea Moisture Detangling Spray

Shampoo & Conditioner


Bobby Pins

Cute Headbands

More Images of Adorable Little Girl Hairstyles

little girl hair with bow and braid

This half-up braid with bow combo – I love this one by Little Loves Hairstyles. And the soft pink color of the bow is gorgeous with her long hair.

Little girl with pigtail bow

These pigtail bows are adorable! AND you can purchase these cute little bows at Katie’s bow shop on Etsy!

little girl hairstyle

Bows for Show is to thank for sharing this adorable half-up hairdo!

litt girl hairstyle

Check out Midimidi87 on Instagram for inspiring styles like this one!

little girl bun haristyles

Love this style from Bella Loved Bows!

braided hairstyle little girl

Another gem of a braided headband from minimidi87. Their styles for little girls are amazing.

girl with half-up hairstyle with braids
via Toddler Hair Creations

This half-up topsy turvy style is adorable! I love how it changes things up with the three sections and twist.

little girl hairstyle with braided hair and bows
via Toddler Hair Creations

Braids and bows on little girls are not only practical but easy and adorable! This style will help keep your daughters hair out of her face while also adding in a cute bow to make it extra cute.

little girl with bow hairstyle
via Minimidi87
littleg irl with bubble braid haristyle
via Jess Oakes

This is my all-time favorite hairstyle for little girls. This one I would wear on myself as well.

braided hairstyle on little girl with bows
Via Toddler Hair Ideas
hairstyle with bow
via Very Shine on Etsy
toddler girl hair style
Whether your toddler daughter has long or short hair, this is a quick and easy style to get her little hairs out of her face.
little girl with double buns hairstyle

This is so easy and adorable — twisted bun with bows! How sweet are those colors!

little girl with cute hairstyle

This is one of my faves! So simple and delicate.

little girl with bow
via Tes Wood

This one is so cute!

little girl hairdo
via In the Life of Tayt

If you have a little more time on your hands, this style is really fun.

little girl bubble braid style
via In the Life of Tayt