The Best Parenting Advice | 10 Life-Changing Tips for Every Parent

mother and child talking

Having kids will be the best thing that ever happens to you. But it will also be the hardest. That’s why I’ve dedicated this article to addressing some of the most prominent parenting frustrations to give you the best advice based on my years of writing and researching parenting, as well as being a parent […]

Moms Are Not Okay

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They look at me. My kids. They expect me to be there for them. They should. I am their mother, after all. But some days, I’m not okay. I’m so tired I can’t sleep. All I can think about is that I need to sleep. So I don’t sleep. I don’t sleep because…the world. I […]

How to Get Your Child to Listen the First Time

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Are you looking for logical ways to get your kids to listen, and listen the first time? You might be surprised to know — it has more to do with how YOU communicate first. How do you get your kids to listen the first time? Getting your kids to listen can be one of the […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Child Daily to Help Support Them Emotionally and Mentally

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The emotional bond between a parent and child can be strengthened when you communicate healthily with them. These five questions for kids will help bridge the emotional gap that can sometimes begin to form as children age. Questions to help your child better process their emotions In today’s society, parents are faced with the real […]

What Causes a Child to Rebel and What to do When it Happens

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Rebellion can happen at any age “Every child will rebel at one point or another. The extent to which they rebel is determined by the parent’s reaction to it.” Bill McKee. This is from an article that was written in the ’70s about how to not push away your child when they struggle with rebelling […]

Every Parent Needs These 7 Tips for Helping Their Children Listen and Obey

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One of the biggest struggles in every parent’s life is getting their kids to listen and follow through with what they’ve asked of them. What’s surprising, listening isn’t usually the problem. For example, let’s say you’ve repeated, “Go take out the trash before dinner” a few times to your tween, but they still aren’t responding. […]

Moms NEED These 5 Tips to Get Their Kids to Play Outside More

kids spending time outside

Are you looking for ways to encourage your child to go outside and play? Unfortunately, in our modern-day culture, playing outside has become less and less of a priority for families. But what parents need to realize is that playing outside is crucial for raising an emotionally and mentally healthy child. It’s even harder for […]

What to do When Your Child Lies to You | 3 Healthy Responses

Why does my child keep lying to me? Knowing what to do when your child lies to you is challenging. On the one hand, you don’t want to shame them, and on the other, you want to teach them valuable lessons with healthy discipline when it comes to guiding them to be honest. As always, […]

How to Raise Responsible Children

Have you ever wondered how your sweet 4-year-old will ever become a responsible adult? Do you struggle with how to raise responsible children? You’re not alone! This is one of the biggest areas of concern for parents. We want to raise responsible sons and responsible daughters who can conquer the world! (with compassion, of course) […]

How to Help Your Child Think BEFORE They Act, React, Speak, and Make Decisions

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Children struggle to think before they act, mostly because it’s a difficult habit that takes a lifetime to learn and practice. Even as adults, it’s challenging to do and definitely something we will NEVER be perfect at. Have you ever impatiently snapped at your child to be patient? Yeah. All the more reason to have […]