What to do When Your Child Has a “Bad Influence” Friend

disrespectful child

It’s happened. Something you dreaded would happen the first time you caught sight of “that” kid you desperately hoped your kid wouldn’t think was cool — that kid you give the stink eye to every time you pick up yours from school.Yes, the “bad” kid that gets your kid to do all the things he wouldn’t normally do. The kid that is allowed to everything your kid isn’t. The kid that is funny, charming, and everything your kid wants to be.

What should we do about “that” kid?

Emotionally Bonding Questions to Ask Teens

tips to raise teen boys

Are you doing everything you can to encourage emotional bonding with your children? Are you creating a safe place in your household that your tween or teen feels comfortable to share their hearts with you? Here are 5 incredible questions to nurture and protect the emotional bond between parent and child. You can start today with making every effort possible to better understand your child, and learn the tools to communicate with them healthily and effectively.

Helpful Tips for Parents Who Want to Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids

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At what age do I need to tend to the emotional needs of my child? What should I do to help my child be emotionally healthy? These are questions many parents have. Find out in this article how you can go against the odds of the declining mental health in our children, and be proactive in your parenting today.