MMGuardian Phone 2024 – A Mom’s Review

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Smartphone monitoring solutions for parents and kids The MMGuardian Phone, a parental control and monitoring solution for your child’s mobile needs, aims to address the rising concern of how to raise mentally healthy kids in the digital era. To provide parents with tools to manage and monitor their children’s smartphone usage, the new MMguardian Samsung […]

Pinwheel Phone Review [2022] | A Mom’s Perspective

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What kind of phone is a Pinwheel Phone? It’s a kid’s smartphone with therapist-approved apps, no social media or internet, and the peace of mind every parent needs — the caregiver portal gives parents full control. As a mom and parent coach, I get a lot of questions and concerns from parents relating to online […]

Kids Who Are Safe Online and on Social Media Have Parents Who Do This

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Be the example of healthy online and social media usage Keeping your kids safe online and on social media is now considered one of the more important aspects of parenting. Because it’s causing so many mental health issues among teens and tweens, parents are becoming more aware of their need to be informed on active […]