When the Goodness of God Doesn’t Feel Good

dark forest

There is this place in my heart I go when life seems to head in a direction that, to me, seems unbearable. It’s a place I keep hidden from everyone I love, because if I let them in, it just might expose who I really am.

Letting Go of Your Control Issues

As I’m convinced that everyone on this planet has control issues, there are some of us who carry this as our main struggle, leaving us feeling anxious, depressed, and unable to live a happy and content life. Find out how you can begin your journey to freedom.

5 Reasons You Might Have Low Self-Esteem

reasons for low self-esteem

Are you continually believing un-truths/lies about yourself? Gain awareness and stop giving into your detrimental thoughts about yourself. Have confidence in who you are and discover your self-worth through enlightenment to the lies you believe.

The Many Benefits of Cultivating Self-worth

finding your self-worth

It can feel very discouraging when you don’t know your own value or self-worth. Life suddenly becomes a burden, and in all reality, you aren’t quite sure how you got there or why. Once you realize your own worth, it will not only allow you to stop looking inward and being self-focused, it will free your mind to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.