50 Fun Date Night Ideas for Couples

fun date night ideas for couples

My husband and I are alway looking for creative date night ideas. It doesn’t have to be a date “night” either! Any of these fun, adventurous, and romantic date ideas for couples cater to either staying at home or adventuring out and doing something different. If you’re asking yourself what you should do together as a couples, or how to get ideas for dating your spouse that are bit more creative and unique, then you’re in the right place. These ideas are for both married couples, and/or dating couples who are more creative and seek something a little more exciting than your average date.

Questions and Prompts to Unlock True Intimacy in Your Relationship

True intimacy isn’t something that appears out of nowhere in a relationship. It takes intentionality to break down walls we’ve built because of our past, our wounds, how we were raised, and our self-protective methods. As it’s hard enough to break down your own walls you’ve built, it’s a whole other ball game to break down your partner’s. Find out some prompts and questions to help you and your spouse get to know one another better—more intimately.

36 Relationship Goals and Habits for aHealthy Marriage

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Marriage needs to have goals to succeed. It’s with these habits and goals that your marriage can go above and beyond your average relationships. When your relationship is healthy, you are healthy. When you are healthy, your marriage is healthy—all the more reason to invest and work at your relationship. Setting goals only takes a few minutes — the result will improve your relationship and build a strong and lasting partnership.

7 Elements of a Strong and Healthy Marriage

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Over the past ten years, my husband and I began to realize that there are positive characteristics to our marriage now, that were never there before; like how we resolve arguments and so on. It’s these elements our marriage has grown into something beautiful. Had we never stuck with it through the ups and downs, we would have never gotten to where we are now — a strong marriage, filled with love and understanding for one another. It’s definitely not perfect, but I have never felt like perfection should be an element to a healthy marriage, anyway.

The Burning Questions Men Have About PMS


When I think about men and PMS, I imagine a handful of guys standing around a uterus on the ground as if it’s an alien from outer space, poking at it with a stick and provoking it to attack. No form of communication is attempted — just poking.

5 Essential Needs of the Woman in Your Life

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Needs being met is a vital aspect of marriage — and if you want a healthy one, you are probably aware that paying attention to your spouse’s is pretty important. Most of the time, men and women alike are very aware of what they personally need, but to know your husband or wife’s, is sometimes a guessing game.

The One Phrase That Ends A Fight Every Single Time

how to stop a fight

I have never understood those couples who say they never fight. I can’t identify with it, and I also don’t think it’s very healthy. On the other end of the spectrum, fighting or arguing can be a relationship killer if not handled healthily. Arguing is healthy. When two different people come together with differences of opinion and baggage from being human, it’s inevitable for there to be a spat in the mix. What’s not healthy, is when it’s taken to extremes.

What Every Woman Wants in a Man – What’s Attractive and What Isn’t

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Men, do you think you know what it is that women want? It’s your turn to know just what it takes to be relationship material. But I’m not only talking to those of you who are single, I’m laying it out there for all you men about what a woman wants and needs from you, whether she hasn’t met you yet, or has been with you for 20 years. It’s never too late!

What Men are Most Insecure About

why men are insecure

A man’s insecurities are seldom expressed, or identified. Not only is it important for us ladies to have knowledge of these insecurities so that we can better understand our men, but it will also help guide us in our unintentional or unseen negative reactions to their insecurities. In the same way, we desire for our spouse’s to both understand and accept us, despite our insecurities.