9 Ways to Fix Sibling Rivalry for Good

kids running on beach

Ahhhh, sibling rivalry. There is nothing quite like it. All at once, it can bring a home’s atmosphere down and spark chaos. ”He stole my lightsaber.” “Those toys are mine!” “He’s looking at me funny.” As a mom of two young kids, I can tell you that nothing puts a damper on the day like […]

The Best Parenting Advice | 10 Life-Changing Tips for Every Parent

mother and child talking

Having kids will be the best thing that ever happens to you. But it will also be the hardest. That’s why I’ve dedicated this article to addressing some of the most prominent parenting frustrations to give you the best advice based on my years of writing and researching parenting, as well as being a parent […]

When do Kids Stop Losing Their Baby Teeth?

tooth fairy

When do kids start and stop losing teeth? Many parents wonder what is normal when it comes to their child’s first tooth, the loss of baby teeth, tooth decay, whether or not fluoride toothpaste is safe, introducing the tooth fairy, and how to find their child’s pediatric dentist. So let’s go over some commonly asked […]

How to Set Healthy Boundaries for Children

boundaries with kids

What are boundaries and how can we set them for our kids? Think of boundaries as a line one draws around themselves — a protective barrier. There are various kinds of boundaries, including emotional, personal, and physical. We use boundaries in ALL areas of our lives, even without knowing it — with parenting, relationships of […]

Addiction and Parenting


Screens, food, exercise—not only bad things cause an addiction. Here’s why and how you should talk to your kids about one of the most potentially devastating elements of life.