Grilled ahi tuna sushi salad – a perfect summer night date dinner. Make sushi without the hard work by destructing it and making it into a salad that actually fills you up!

One of my favorite things to do is listen to chill jazz and write articles about my amazing times in Italy, the recipes I’ve tried to emulate, and how to live your life like an Italian. For some reason, the Italians know how to enjoy the little things, make simply astounding food, and enjoy life to its fullest. Pair this recipe with your favorite white wine, or try this incredible Grüner Veltliner. This combo of fennel, walnut, melon, and prosciutto, is the perfect balance of sweet, salty, healthy and hearty.

Warm your body and soul with this delicious bean and chicken soup recipe. The best way to start your week, or knock out some meal planning. Freeze for later or eat immediately – make in the Instapot or simmer on your stove – enjoy this delicious soup today.