How to Help Your Child Think BEFORE They Act, React, Speak, and Make Decisions

girl with fists up

Children struggle to think before they act, mostly because it’s a difficult habit that takes a lifetime to learn and practice. Even as adults, it’s challenging to do and definitely something we will NEVER be perfect at. Have you ever impatiently snapped at your child to be patient? Yeah. All the more reason to have […]

Foolproof Solutions to Stop Your Child From Whining all the Time

Whining Girl

How can I possibly stop my kids from whining and complaining about everything? Why does my 2-year-old still fuss for everything he wants? What does my seven-year-old whine when I ask her to put away her toys? Dealing with whining has some nuances, but a lot of it is the same whether you have a […]

Break the cycle of unhealthy backtalk from your kids with these logical responses

mother talking with daughter

Backtalk is the bane of every parent’s existence. It makes us feel disrespected and untrustworthy. Because we most often know what’s best for our child, backtalk is that reminder that tells us — you’re still not in complete control. It shows us that our children have desires, struggles, and opinions. At the end of the […]

Teaching Healthy Habits To Kids And Why New Year Resolutions Are Arbitrary

Healthy habits for families

I’ve never been one for New Year resolutions, but I do see value in having healthy habits whether they begin on the 1st of January or not. On the other hand, it’s also good to balance the expectations we set for ourselves with grace. As our world is constantly bombarding us with the notion that […]

7 Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep In Longer

how to get your child to sleep in the morning

How do I get my child to sleep in? This question is probably on the minds of EVERY parent the minute they hear their child in the baby monitor at 5 am, or when their older child is an early bird and wants breakfast at 6 am. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of helpful […]