How to NOT Raise a People-Pleaser Child or be One Yourself

people pleasing in kids

None of us start our parenting journey with the objective to raise a people pleasing child. But often, our good-intentioned desire to raise kind and grateful humans can lead to raising kids who often ignore their own needs or do unhealthy things to make others like them, including us as parents. Now, most of us […]

Characteristics of a Healthy Family

family eating dinner

When one can nurture and protect a family unit, they will be investing in the mental and physical well-being of their children as well as their own. Find out what you can implement daily to build an unbreakable bond with your family.

7 Steps to Take When Your Child Feels Insecure

How to help your insecure child

Parents will often ask themselves what causes insecurity in a child and what they can do to combat negative self-talk. And as the reasonings for why a child might be feeling insecure widely vary, there are some key steps to take when your child begins to show symptoms. Before we discuss what you can practically […]

Top 10 FREE Online Learning Platforms for Kids

Online education is an ESSENTIAL for moms right now. It can be a great way for kids to still have fun, but at the same time learn something, so I’ve compiled a helpful list for you to be able to sit back, and let the online learning do its thang. I’ve included science, math, reading, […]