Raising a Mentally Healthy Child – Boys Edition

how to raise mentally healthy boys

As parents, we create a lens for our children to look through. This lens, good or bad, will shape how they view the world. It will guide them in processing their emotions, having healthy relationships, and standing firm in what they believe.

5 Positive Things to Tell Your Son


We all love to hear affirming and encouraging words, no matter who it comes from, no matter what our age. But parents, in particular, have an extraordinary impact on their children, so hearing those words from you will be the most influential.

5 Things a Boy Needs From His Mom

little boy and his mom

What do boys need from their mom? Raising boys is no easy task, but it’s an amazing privilege. With its responsibility, comes many fears that we as mothers have for our son’s. We have a lot of influence in how our son sees himself, lives his life, and makes his choices. It’s important to know how to nurture his manhood, without coddling his every move. A boy desires adventure, and at no point should we hinder that with our fears. Prepare your son for the world he will grow up in, and not the world you want him to grow up in.