One Thing I Did to Help my Child with Bedtime Stalling

dad and daughter at bedtime

Ah yes, the bedtime stalling. “Mom, I need to go to the bathroom.” “Dad, I need some water.” “Mom, what’s the meaning of life?” “Where do babies come from?” It seems our children love to ask the deepest of questions and have a desire to be the most open at all the wrong times. But […]

15 Phrases to Say at Bedtime That Fill Your Child’s Cup

father and son bedtime

Every parent knows the instance when you’ve done ALL the things — tucked your kids in, sang the song (thrice), prayed the prayer, got the water, had them pee, and still. STILL. As you leave their rooms, you hear, “Hey Mommy, what’s the meaning of life?” Yes, we’ve all been there. Staring into the wide-awake […]