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Learn more about the Advent Calendar, its origin, and why it’s something that enriches your family’s holiday memories. Here are 5 really unique calendars we love for Christmas 2019.

Do you struggle with bad PMS symptoms? There’s been a lot of buzz about the supplement, Jubilance, that supposedly helps women suffering from more of the severe PMS side-effects. Here’s what happened after I took the plunge and decided to give it a go! My honest Jubilance supplement review.

Are you looking for a way to slim your thighs or tone your legs? Check out these 10-minute or less videos to strengthen and tone your lower body, without needing crazy amounts of time. I get real results with these workouts!

The benefits of xylitol are astounding. It helps promote healing on your skin/acne, is a natural anti-bacterial compound that healed sinus and ear infections, and tastes really GOOD. It can be used as a sugar substitute, a sinus rinse, is used in beauty products, and is used in most gum and toothpaste products to prevent cavities. But with all of its benefits, there are some things to be aware when picking out the right xylitol products, as well as how much is too much.

While planning out your journey to Europe, whether you are going for a few weeks or a few months, the first thing on your list will be to figure out where you will go. Most of your decision should be based on the type of person you are