As a mom, it’s one of the worst things to witness — your helpless, little sick baby, unable to sleep and as fussy as can be. With an eight year old and 9 month old, I’ve had my share of sick kiddos. And there is something I feel as though I can share as to what items to have in hand and some great remedies for sick infants.

What do boys need from their mom? Raising boys is no easy task, but it’s an amazing privilege. With its responsibility, comes many fears that we as mothers have for our son’s. We have a lot of influence in how our son sees himself, lives his life, and makes his choices. It’s important to know how to nurture his manhood, without coddling his every move. A boy desires adventure, and at no point should we hinder that with our fears. Prepare your son for the world he will grow up in, and not the world you want him to grow up in.

Taking care of a newborn is no joke, so to make things a bit easier for you busy moms who need a little extra time to get stuff done, here are a few items that have really helped me get going with my busy life. If you aren’t careful, getting supplies for baby can get very quickly out of hand. From the baby swing, to the diaper changer, to the activity pad, diapers, baby bath – the list goes on. Before you know it your house looks more like a baby day care center and less like a home.

The first few days of bringing home baby are the toughest. You’re exhausted from birth, possibly breastfeeding, and of course, lacking sleep. That’s why in the days leading up to your due date, it’s essential to plan ahead and get yourself prepared mentally and physically for the precious new addition to the family.