You can have the marriage of your dreams, even if you are on the verge of disaster. But here’s the catch – it’s not easy. It will take some effort and determination on your part to begin to see results. Hopefully you know by now that in this life, nothing comes easy. Getting fit requires self control and dedication. Getting a promotion at work requires going above and beyond. Having a better marriage requires commitment and a quite a bit of humility. And the best thing about putting all of your efforts in your marriage before you give up, is that you get results. Even better, you could possible change your life, as well as your spouse’s, for the better.

Humans THRIVE from healthy relationships. Do you find that the struggles in your marriage keep you from being a good mom, or doing well in your job? Perhaps you cant find joy in anything you do because the weight of your bad marriage casts a shadow on everything good in your life. I’ve been there. I turned inward, became depressed, loathed myself, and for what? Because I kept waiting for my circumstances to change; for my husband to change. But what if the path to a better marriage started with something you did? What if you were the one who needed to change? Not necessarily changw who you are, but rather how you perceive things. How you react when things get hard. What if you could change your perspective on your difficult circumstances? Let me give you an example.

Lets say there is a child who lives in dire circumstances who has only plays with one toy for their entire life because it’s al they have received. This toy is everything to them. They cherish it, even though it isn’t the best toy. It’s all torn up, dirty, and broken. But they don’t care. It’s all they have; all they know. Now lets take another child who is living a priveledged lifestyle. They can have whatever they want – toys, food, clothes. Then one day, someone offers them the same toy that the child in the unpriveledgeed lifestyle has. Do you think the priveledgeed child views the toy the same way the unproveledged child does? Of course not! Are you one of those women who’s at the end of your rope, and done everything you possibly can to keep your marriage alive? I was. I was desperate for something real, something tangible that I could do to change my marriage and stop it from heading off of a cliff. Before that point I had a realization. I can’t change my husband. I had this realization because I tried to change him and failed miserably. In fact, it made everything worse. It took a lot of humility to finally look inward and start dealing with my own problems. Sure, my husband had and still has his fair share of problems, but that wasn’t the issue. The issue was how I let my husbands mistakes continue to carve the way for my happiness. It’s not his job to make me happy, and it’s not my job to make him happy.